Market Research Beijing

Beijing is one of the most influential cities in the world and in East Asia.  A major economic center area and the political capital of the world’s second largest economy, Beijing is a major hub in the region and an influential city in the global economy.

As one of the largest urban populations in the world around 25 million people, Beijing presents a large, Tier 1 consumer market and a center for industrial manufacturing. Beijing also has one of the highest standards of living in Mainland China and is increasingly opening to luxury goods markets.

Many major state-owed and multinational companies have a presence in Beijing.  Key industries include Consumer Electronics, Pharmaceuticals, Financial Services, Advertising & PR and others.   The city is also a major cultural capital with many world heritage sites and tourist attractions as well as major media, communications and print media firms.

The city has undergone rapid change and development.  With the 2008 Olympics, Beijing has seen a rise in tourism and interest on the world stage.  Growth rate in the past.  For this reason.   Amidst rapid change, new needs and opportunities, SIS helps organizations to understand their stakeholders in a rapidly changing business landscape.

SIS provides custom market research and corporation intelligence solutions to help companies understand the Beijing market and stakeholders with consumer, B2B and Industrial research.

A selection of our research solutions:

  • Focus groups
  • In-depth interviews
  • Telephone Surveys
  • Market assessment & sizing
  • Online surveys
  • Strategic Market Intelligence
  • Market Entry & Opportunity Research
  • Executive Interviews / Key Opinion Leaders

Market Research, Beijing

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SIS国际市场研究是全球领先的市场研究公司,提供全方位的服务,涉及市场情报,市场机会研究,品牌研究,供应链研究和战略研究。公司服务超过50个行业,主要包括消费市场, B2B,医疗,保健,工业,汽车,金融服务,教育,食品和饮料,化工及能源,房地产,IT科技,保险,建筑,零售,媒体,娱乐,快速消费品,航空航天与国防,旅行和旅游业等。请联系。 让我们为您的组织增加更多优势。